Welcome to the Dutch Zikula Community!

This is the (Dutch oriented) website where you can find everything for a good working dutch Zikula installation.

Active dutch support is provided in the Forum, but do not hesitate to post in English if you have a question about the dutch translations! Translations can be found in the Downloads section.

Use the contact form on this website to contact the DZC Team if you can help us, yourself and the community.

The DZC Team

Because there existed a desire for a good coordinated translation for the dutch Zikula community, the DZC-team was created. The goals developed as the community grew, to give the highest possible service and support, for the community, and by the community.

The original name was oftened referred to as DTT, meaning Dutch Translation Team. When the need for more than just translation files grew, the name DPC (Dutch PostNuke Community) has been adopted for this website and community.

Now since june 2008 the project has adopted it's current name Zikula, including the release of a completely revised framework, this community followed this naming and is now called the DZC (Dutch Zikula Community)

The english abbrevation will allways remain, to show we are dealing with an international Content Management System with an english speaking community. Worldwide, all communities will know that this is the dutch community. Because, let's face it, how often do you see the name 'Nederlands', eh?

Who is who, and who does what? Below, you will find an overview. The subarticles (by clicking on the names) are dutch again... ;)

Teb (Details »)

Location Leiden, Netherlands
Born nov. 10, 1976
Using OS Ubuntu Linux, Windows
Own website http://www.tebbenhof.com

espaan (Details »)

Location Elst, Netherlands
Born May 26, 1974
Using OS MacOS X (home), XP, Linux/HP-UX (work)
Own website http://www.erikspaan.nl

Of course, there are more people out there who invested their time in this community, to make it as what it is right now. A dutch overview is found at Pastnuke.



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